Oral Health

Core Generalist#



Describe the main concepts and principles of:

  • dental history taking
  • extra- and intra-oral examination
  • brief stages of dentition
  • tooth structure
  • dental treatment procedures


Explain the importance of dental hygiene and antibiotic prophylaxis for cardiac conditions and the link between poor dentition and other health problems eg malnutrition, geriatric lung disease



Apply diagnostic reasoning to arrive at one or more provisional diagnoses, considering oral and dental conditions, including:

  • Children; oral thrush, teething, nursing or bottle caries, juvenile periodontal disease, ulcerations, oral swellings, dental caries, tooth abscess, fluorosis cleft lip and palate
  • Adults: oral cancer, gingivitis/periodontal disease, pregnancy and medication related gingivitis, ulcerations, swellings, salivary and parotid gland blockage, dental caries, dry socket, pericoronitis, tooth abscess, wisdom teeth, sensitive teeth, dry mouth, temporomandibular joint pain and bruxism, denture hygiene, candida and other oral infections


Identify potential oral complications associated with systemic conditions such as diabetes, HIV, bulimia, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, connective tissue diseases, vasculitis, various medications and malignancy as well as prolonged use of steroids, anti-depressant medication and associated with prolonged hospitalisation and palliative care


Provide prophylactic tetanus booster when warranted and prescribe appropriate oral pain relief and antibiotic treatment as necessary


Undertake initial assessment and triage patients with traumatic dental injuries, including injuries to periodontal structures: intrusion, subluxation, concussion, intrusive luxation, extrusive luxation, lateral luxation, avulsion, trauma involving bone, jaw dislocation, jaw fracture, enamel fracture, pulpal exposure, soft tissue injuries of the oral cavity and root abscess, fractured cusp in filled tooth


Ideally perform dental emergency procedures:

  • re-implantation of adult teeth
  • management of dental fractures
  • dental blocks using different techniques






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